About Us

Group of Illinois students.The University of Illinois Student Health Insurance office was created in 1962 with the goal of ensuring access to an insurance plan that provided for all the health care needs of a growing student body. What was then literally a one-man operation has now grown to accommodate the more than 24,000 students we enroll each semester.

Health care costs have risen too, and so student insurance is more important than ever. The charges associated with treatment of a serious illness or injury can now be catastrophic, and have the potential to permanently derail a student’s academic progress, as well as their college experience.

The University of Illinois has chosen UnitedHealthcare to underwrite and process the comprehensive, major medical plan we offer our students. From prescription drugs to mental health care, inpatient surgical care to outpatient and emergency services, our plan has our students covered.

The on-campus office maintains a team of insurance experts who are here to help you understand the services you receive and how to use them. While United Healthcare processes your claims, we’re here to provide assistance, counseling, and mediation in any situation that may arise.