Adding Dependents
The easiest way to add dependents to your coverage is through your online “myaccount”, which can be found online at www.uhcsr.com/illinois. Once you login you will find the tab entitled “add dependent coverage” at the bottom of the page. However, you must first confirm your enrollment with UnitedHealthcare by filling out the enrollment form linked here. (If you have purchased the coverage as a one-semester extension, you will not need to fill out an enrollment form, and can simply proceed to your myaccount.)

The per semester costs for dependents are as follows:


  • Spouse: $568
  • One Child: $568
  • Two or More Children: $1136
  • Spouse + Two or More Children: $1,704


  • Spouse: $441
  • One Child: $441
  • Two or More Children: $882
  • Spouse + Two or More Children: $1,323
You have 31 days after the birth of a child/marriage to spouse to add them to your plan as a dependent. Outside of this deadline you may only add dependents during the enrollment/change period.
Dependents must be added during the enrollment/change period at the beginning of each semester. This means that prior to adding dependents you MUST fill out an enrollment form at www.uhcsr.com/illinois. (If you have purchased the coverage as a one-semester extension, you will not need to fill out an enrollment form, and can simply proceed to your myaccount.)
You must re-enroll your dependents each semester.
Your coverage is largely identical to that of your dependents. For details on the plan you can find the policy brochures linked on this website on the Links & Forms page.
Student Health Insurance is the major medical insurance coverage offered to students and their dependents by the University of Illinois.
It is necessary that our office and UnitedHealthcare StudentResources have your updated personal information, including your local/campus address, in order for you to receive mailings or file claims.

You must update both of these sites:
  • The UI-Integrate system
  • Through UHCSR

    1. Go to the UI-Integrate Self Service site: https://apps.uillinois.edu/selfservice
      • Log in using your Enterprise ID and password
      • Go to the Personal Information tab
      • Click Personal Information
      • Click Addresses and Phones
      • Select Mailing Address
      • Update your mailing address and Information to match your local/campus address and click submit.
    2. Go to the UHCSR site: https://uhcsr.com/illinois
      • Log into your My Account page
      • Click on the “edit” link in the My Personal Information box on the right
      • Update your Mailing Address and Information to match your local/campus address in UI-Integrate
You can use your insurance anywhere, and file claims as detailed below. However, some providers may charge discounted rates if they are part of United Healthcare’s preferred provider network. To find out if your provider is in-network, use the following link: Preferred Provider Search
As long as the student is registered for non-zero credit hours in a manner so that they are assessed on-campus fees, they will be also be assessed the UIUC Student Insurance fee.* This will take place during the enrollment/change period, which spans roughly the first six weeks of the semester. The student will then have until the end of the enrollment/change period to decide whether or not to opt out of the student insurance.

If the student opts out of the insurance, the UIUC Student Insurance Fee will be refunded to their account, and will not be assessed again until the start of the following academic year.

If the student does not opt out, they will be automatically enrolled at the end of the enrollment/change period. Once this has occurred the student will receive communication by email regarding setting up their online insurance account with the administrator of the plan, UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. *Common examples of registrations that are NOT eligible for the Student Insurance coverage include in-absentia registrations, as well as “Off Campus Experience”.
For the 2018-2019 academic year, fees with be $455 for undergraduates, and $582 for graduate students. This fee is assessed each semester in which the student is registered on campus. The 2018-2019 academic year rates are set by the Board of Trustees.
The University of Illinois Board of Trustees requires all students to have health insurance in order to offset the potential costs of health care.
The Student Insurance is a comprehensive, major medical plan. It covers inpatient, outpatient and emergency care, as well as providing mental health care and prescription drug coverage. The coverage is world-wide, and students are not required to find in-network doctors, though care received from United Healthcare’s preferred provider network may result in lower total charges.
The student insurance is in effect through the last day of the semester. If you are registered for classes in the subsequent semester, the coverage will continue without a gap starting the following day. Students who are NOT registered during a given semester may still extend their coverage to include the semester for which they are not taking classes, but it will not happen automatically. Extensions and continuations are covered in detail below under the header “Extensions and Continuations.”
As a student receiving health insurance from United Healthcare, you will be offered the option of using BetterHelp; a service which connects users to a counselor to provide online counseling. In addition, United Healthcare offers HealthiestYou; an online service which offers help with diagnosis and treatment of non-emergency medical issues.

If you are thinking about using BetterHelp or HealthiestYou it is highly recommended that you are informed of its limitations and review their Terms and Conditions carefully.

These services are available at http://telehelp4students.com/

Note: If you are thinking about using BetterHelp it is highly recommended that you are informed of its limitations and review their Terms and Conditions carefully. Some of the areas of support provided by BetterHelp include anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, addiction, relationships and grief. BetterHelp clearly states in their Terms and Conditions that they are not appropriate for some of the following issues or concerns:
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Thoughts of self-harm
  • In need of a clinical diagnosis
  • In need of official documentation (of any kind)
  • Court-ordered counseling
  • Emotional Support Animal
  • Any other need for official
  • Evaluation for the appropriateness of medical treatment and/or
The University of Illinois, as well as the McKinley Health Center and the Counseling Center, in their role as mental health providers, are unable to assist you with any issues related to your use of BetterHelp.
This process is simply confirming your enrollment with UnitedHealthcare prior to the end of the Enrollment/Change period. Because all students are assessed the fee and also given this opportunity to opt out of the insurance, if you want to access your account/add dependents/print off your card during the Enrollment/Change period you must first tell UnitedHealthcare that you aren’t opting out. This is the purpose of the “early” enrollment form: to let UnitedHealthcare know that you want to use your insurance now, and not wait for the end of the Enrollment/Change period.
If the enrollment form isn’t online, that means the enrollment/change period has passed, or the next time period for enrollment has yet to begin, and all students who didn’t actively opt out have been automatically enrolled.
Non-graduating students who were assessed the UIUC Student Insurance Fee and had the coverage during the previous semester (e.g. Spring), but are not registering during the current semester (e.g. Summer) are eligible to extend their insurance for that unregistered semester only. This means that after one semester of extended coverage in a non-registered semester, you will not be able to extend again without an intervening registered semester. For most students extensions are used to extend coverage through the Summer semester. The process for extensions is slightly different for graduate and undergraduate students. Note: If you are extending your coverage because you are cancelling your registration for a given semester, do NOT submit the extension form until the UIUC Student Insurance Fee has been removed from your student account. Doing so will result in the failure of your coverage to be processed.
Graduate students with tuition and fee waivers should access the Grad College extension website at http://www.grad.illinois.edu. If you are not eligible for an extension through the Grad College website, but are otherwise eligible for an extension under the conditions listed in the adjacent question “What is an extension of coverage?”, please use our online form to purchase that coverage. The form may be found at Links&Forms.
Undergraduate students who were assessed the insurance fee in the preceding semester are also eligible for the Student Health Insurance coverage during a semester in which they aren’t registered, provided they meet the conditions listed in the above question “What is an extension of coverage?” Undergrads must use our online form to purchase that coverage. The form may be found at Links&Forms.
Continuations are only available to students who have graduated. This differs from extensions, which are used to provide coverage during a temporary, one-semester absence from on-campus registration (e.g. summer). Continuations are purchased directly from UnitedHealthcare and can extend coverage up to 90 days after the last day of the semester in which the student has graduated. Both undergraduates and graduate students may access the continuation purchase under the appropriate “EXPLORE POLICY” links found here: Continuation Form
Filing Claims
A list of UnitedHealthcare approved pharmacies may be found at the following link: Pharmacy Locator
When a student visits a health care provider, they will show their insurance ID card, which the provider will use to bill the student insurance. After the insurance has been billed, the student will receive an explanation of the coverage that was provided by United Healthcare, as well as a bill for the remaining amount for which the student is responsible.
Most claims will be automatically filed by your healthcare provider as discussed above. In the event that you are required to file a claim yourself (reimbursement for out-of-pocket charges from approved facilities, e.g. vaccinations or birth control) you should:

  • Find your “SRID number” at the top of your insurance ID card
  • Write that SRID number clearly on the receipt for your vaccination/birth control/etc. charges
  • Send the receipt with SRID number to: Unitedhealthcare Studentresources, PO BOX 809025, Dallas, Texas, 75380-9025
If your healthcare provider is filing your claim electronically, they should use payer number 74227.
Because claims are processed by United Healthcare, you must call them for final explanations of payment/denial. You are, however, welcome to use our office as consultants and mediators in any case. To set up an appointment to call United Healthcare with a UIUC Insurance Representative, contact our office directly.
Graduate Students
The graduate plan has a much lower maximum out-of-pocket than the undergraduate plan, and accordingly has a slightly higher premium. Details on the plan may be found on this website at the Links & Forms page.
These plans are separate from the student health insurance, and information about them may be found at the Graduate College website linked here.
Most waiver generating appointments subsidize the cost of the student insurance at 80%. For details on your particular case please contact the graduate college at (217) 333-0035.
Insurance Card
Students are not sent an insurance card automatically. The easiest way to obtain your insurance card is to print it off yourself online using the links provided on this website: Links & Forms.
The large majority of these cases come during the enrollment/change period at the beginning of each semester. In order to access your account, print your card, or update your coverage to include the current semester during an enrollment/change period, you must FIRST fill out the enrollment form at https://studentcenter.uhcsr.com/illinois.
The card is good for the length of the academic year. Each fall you will need to print out a new card.
International Students
Yes, international students have the same requirements for insurance as domestic students. At present, this means that if international students have outside insurance that meets these requirements, they may opt out of the UIUC Student Health Insurance. In future semesters, however, international students may be required to have coverage under the UIUC Student Health Insurance.
Although the Student Health Insurance office is located within the McKinley Health Center, they are entirely distinct organizations. Student use of McKinley is covered by a separate fee, and McKinley does not require students to have the University-affiliated insurance to use their services.
Opting Out of Student Insurance
Students with comparable other insurance, through their parents, a job, or elsewhere, are able to opt out of the UIUC Student Insurance Fee, and have it removed from their tuition bill.
There are several reasons to consider keeping the student insurance, even if you have insurance that technically meets the requirements to opt out. First, many students who have a permanent residence away from campus will find that their insurance covers them in Champaign-Urbana only on an “out-of-network” basis. This means that a very high deductible can be applied to hospital bills, leaving you with thousands of dollars in personal responsibility. Secondly, while the student insurance is always a secondary payer to any other plan, it is rarely redundant with those plans. This means that whatever charges are leftover by your other insurance will be processed and paid on by the student insurance. Taking into account the relatively low premium and deductible of the student plan, students regularly find it has paid for itself many times over with just one trip to the emergency room.
Student must fill out a waiver form online at studentcenter.uhcsr.com/illinois. The process is discussed in greater detail on this website on the Opting Out page.
You may only opt out of the student insurance during the enrollment/change period at the beginning of each semester. For the Spring 2019 semester these dates are January 11, 2019 – February 15, 2019. Students will receive multiple emails to their UIUC account during the enrollment/change period with a reminder of the dates and links to the website.
Once the waiver is successfully submitted, the fee will be waived for that semester and not assessed again during subsequent semesters in the same academic year. In other words, students seeking to opt out on a continual basis must do the waiver form every academic year.
The waiver form is used to ensure that the alternative coverage meets a minimum standard. When a form is denied, this means that either the questions were answered so as to indicate that the student’s outside insurance coverage does not meet that standard, or that the insurance card provided by the student did not show active coverage. All questions regarding the waiver form and/or denied waivers should be directed via email to UnitedHealthcare StudentResources at waiververification@uhcsr.com, or by phone to 888-224-4883.
In most cases, the fee will be removed from your account prior to any payment being made. If you have already paid the fee prior to its being removed, you will be refunded accordingly. The normal timeline for refund of fee is 7-10 business days.
It often takes up to a week for waivers to be processed, which may result in emails confirming coverage being sent to students who have opted out. If this happens, please feel free to contact our office and we’ll be happy to confirm your waiver is being processed as expected.
If you have opted out of the student insurance in the past, you may reinstate that coverage in two ways:

1) At any point during an enrollment/change period

2) within 63 days of the loss of your other, pre-existing coverage (e.g. your parents’ plan.)

To reinstate outside of the enrollment/change period you will need to bring a letter of termination from your previous insurance provider, showing the date that coverage ended. To reinstate during the enrollment/change period simply bring your iCard to our office at McKinley Health Center.