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McKinley Health Center

McKinley Health Center serves the students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Health Service Fee, which is separate from the Student Insurance Fee and is paid as part of your enrollment, provides the funds to prepay many of your health care needs. Please note that although the Student Health Insurance Office is located at McKinley, they are separate organizations. The student health insurance is NOT required to obtain services from McKinley Health Center. Some of the services provided by McKinley include:

  1. Visits with your Primary Care Provider – McKinley has 13 full-time Physicians
  2. Pharmacy service – many medications are offered at low cost or no cost
  3. Mental Health counseling and treatment
  4. Travel exams and inoculations
  5. Women’s Health Clinic
  6. Health Resource Centers provide over-the-counter self-care supplies at no additional charge
  7. Health Information from our Health Education Unit

Fill Out the Enrollment Form

The Enrollment Form must be filled out during enrollment/change periods prior to adding dependents or printing off the Insurance Card. More information may be found in the section of the FAQ entitled Enrollments.

Opt Out of Student Insurance

Note: The link will only function during a semester’s enrollment/change period. The Fall 2018 period begins August 23rd and runs through September 25th. More information on opting out may be found in the section of the FAQ entitled Opting out of Student Insurance, as well as by using the “opting out” button above.

View and Print Your Insurance ID card

You must have created a My Account in order to view your ID card or you will be required to create one first.
More information on ID cards may be found in the section of the FAQ entitled Insurance Card.

Download the Claim Information Form

The Claim Information Form is often requested by United Healthcare after a student has been to the hospital, and a claim has been submitted. More information may be found in the FAQ under Filing Claims.

Find UnitedHealthcare Network Pharmacies

Use this link to search for approved pharmacies.

Extend the Student Insurance Into a Non-Registered Semester

For more information please see the section of the FAQ entitled Extensions/Continuations of Coverage. Extensions may only be filed by students who are returning to class the following semester. For continuations of coverage for graduating students, see below.

View Continuation of Coverage After Graduation

Forms are located under the appropriate “EXPLORE POLICY” link, for either Grads or Undergrads. For more information please see the section of the FAQ entitled Extensions/Continuations of Coverage.

Search United Healthcare’s Preferred Provider Network

Use this link to find a provider in the United Healthcare PPO, or to find if your provider is in-network..

Create Your Online United Healthcare MyAccount

This is where you will have access to your personal information, claims status, and also where you will add dependents to your coverage. More information is available in the FAQ section entitled Adding Dependents.

United Health – BetterHelp and HealthiestYou Services

As a student receiving health insurance from United Healthcare, you will be offered the option of using BetterHelp; a service which connects users to a counselor to provide online counseling. In addition, United Healthcare offers HealthiestYou; an online service which offers help with diagnosis and treatment of non-emergency medical issues.

Download a detailed brochure of your policy.

Undergraduate Insurance Plan

Graduate Insurance Plan