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Changes to Student Insurance Plan for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Each new year brings changes to the student insurance plan. Please note the following for 2018-2019:

  • The updated premium rates for 2018-2019 academic year may be found in the FAQ under “Basics”. Rates for adding dependents may also be found in the FAQ under “Adding Dependents.”
  • The coverage of those students wishing to opt out must meet an updated set of requirements. Students and parents may review the list here.

Summer 2019 enrollment/change period: May 10th – June 12th, 2019

At the beginning of each semester, students are given an enrollment/change period in which to make changes to their insurance coverage:

  • Students may apply to opt out of the coverage. For more information, go to “Opting Out.”
  • Students may add dependents to their coverage. For more information, go to “Adding dependents” in our FAQ.
  • Students may ‘early enroll’ and print off their insurance card. For more information go to “Early enrollments” in our FAQ.
  • Students may extend their coverage under certain circumstances if they aren’t registered, or reinstate themselves into the coverage if they have previously opted out and are not being automatically assessed the fee. For more information see below “Reinstatements and Extensions.”


Reinstatements and Extensions

Occasionally students can find themselves without the insurance coverage they need. Whether you have lost your previous coverage under a parent’s plan, or are simply not registering for a given semester (e.g. summer), you have the ability to reinstate/extend your student coverage.

Reinstatements: If you have opted out of the student insurance in the past, you may reinstate that coverage in two ways: 1) At any point during an enrollment/change period; or 2) within 63 days of the loss of your pre-existing coverage (e.g. your parents’ plan.) To reinstate outside of the enrollment/change period you will need to bring a letter of termination from your previous insurance provider, showing the date that coverage ended. To reinstate during the enrollment/change period simply bring your iCard to our office at McKinley Health Center.

Extensions: Most students who haven't previously opted out will automatically be enrolled in the plan during all semesters in which they register. Those who aren't registered (e.g. over the summer) are able to extend their student insurance, provided they were registered the previous semester, and are returning to register the following semester. To do an extension, follow the link titled 'extend the student insurance into a non-registered semester' on the "Links and Forms" page above, or click here.