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As a student, you should only need to focus on academics and college life—not whether you can pay for an unexpected trip to the doctor or emergency room.


**COVID-19 Update**:

If you are currently covered under UIUC's Student Health Insurance Plan, please review the attached documents.  These provide answers to FAQs, reiterate your comprehensive medical coverage and communicate the expansion of their telehealth services:

COVID-19 Update from United Health

United Health Expanded Telehealth Services


Important Dates

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Important Dates

Spring Semester 2020

Open Enrollment Period : 1/17 - 2/21
Coverage Period : 1/18 - 5/15

Summer Semester 2020

Open Enrollment Period : 5/15 - 6/19
Coverage Period : 5/16 - 8/21

Fall Semester 2020

Open Enrollment Period : 8/21 - 9/26
Coverage Period : 8/22 - 1/15

Without proper health insurance, injury or illness can feel like walking a tightrope without a safety net.

The Student Health Insurance office is here to ensure you have all the information needed to make the right decision about your health care coverage needs.

Call, email, or stop in to set up an appointment—no question is too small.