NOTE:  The Student Health Insurance Office located in McKinley Health Center is temporarily closed.  Please contact us: 

  • Phone: (217) 333-0165
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**Summer 2020 Enrollment Period now CLOSED**  

Opt-Out Requests will no longer be accepted for the                                  Summer Semester.

The Fall Enrollment Period Begins on August 21st 2020


Why has the University increased the Student Health Insurance fee for 2021?

The University is concerned about the cost of attendance and college affordability.  We do not take health insurance premium increases lightly and work closely with United Healthcare, our insurance underwriter, to keep rate increases to a minimum.  Unfortunately, FY21 rate increases are based on the claims experience during part of the current academic year and previous years.

Below are some driving factors: 

  • The current University Student Health Insurance plan is losing approximately 5% of its enrollment per year due to undergraduate students opting-out to remain on their parent's insurance plan.  There has been a 20% drop in enrollment since FY16 (Year 1), equaling 2,500 fewer undergraduate students enrolled. 
  • This progressive dropout rate from those who previously subsidized the plan has helped to drive a 100% increase (FY16-FY19) in the cost per beneficiary for those undergraduate students remaining in the plan and who use the insurance annually.  Graduate students and their dependent rates have underlying year-on-year growth rates of 10%-20%, requiring a reliable subsidizing group for overall stabilization. 
  • The percentage of insureds utilizing the Student Health Insurance plan has gone from 35% (FY16) to 47% (FY19). 
  • Like many typical student insurance plans, approximately 40% of the paid claims, representing approximately 36% of the claimants, are in the following 5 categories: 
    • Digestive: up 13% year on year)
    • Mental: up 41%
    • Maternity: up 13%
    • Musculoskeletal: up 13%
    • Respiratory: up 17%
  • The Illinois Health Exchange does not offer a platinum tier plan like that offered to our graduate students, and the gold tier plan is 3.5 times more expensive than our undergraduate plan, despite a small increase in cost for 2020. 
  • Currently, our University Student Health Insurance rates are 4th lowest in the Big Ten.  Even with a 34% increase in FY21 and every school maintaining their current rate in the Big Ten, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will be ranked approximately #8, in the middle of the Big Ten institutions.  In addition, we have been told other institutions will also increase their rates for FY21. 

We will continue to work with United Healthcare to minimize rate increases.  We are also developing strategies we can use to contain cost by better educating our students about benefits usage. 

Rx Benefits: Step Therapy and Prior Authorization

Beginning with the 2020-2021 Academic year, certain prescription drugs will be subject to Prior Authorization or Step Therapy, ahead of the medication being filled.  These steps are put into place to ensure that our students are receiving the appropriate care, including the right prescription drug for them.  

Note:  Not all prescription medication will be subject to Step Therapy or Prior Authorization.  For a list of applicable medications, please refer to the Prescription Drug List document below.  If a medication is subject to one or both of these, you will see a "PA" or "ST" listed next to it.  

These documents will provide overviews of each of these programs, as well as how our students can navigate the process(es):  

UIUC Prescription Drug List

Prior Authorization

Step Therapy


two students walking away from camera

Enrollment/Change Period

Summer 2020

May 15th 2020 -June 19th 2020

Coverage Dates 

Summer 2020

May 16th 2020 - August 21st 2020



Undergraduate Fee 

Fees Per Semester

  • Students - $544 
  • Spouse - $530
  • One Child - $530
  • Two Or More Children - $1,060
  • Spouse and Two or More Children - $1,590

Graduate Fee

Fees Per Semester

  • Student - $696 
  • Spouse - $682
  • One Child - $682
  • Two or more Children - $1,364
  • Spouse and Two or More Children - $2,046