Dependent Verification Requirement

If you will be covered under the UIUC’s Student Health Insurance in the Fall (’19) and plan to enroll your eligible dependents, you will need to provide documentation verifying their dependent status. This verification is needed in order for the dependent to be added to or to remain covered on the plan.

Beginning with the Fall 2019 semester, any student wishing to include dependents in their insurance coverage must submit verification information. Dependents will only need to be verified once.  Any changes or additions will require the verification process to be completed.  

Included below, is a list of acceptable documents to verify dependent status:

  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Birth Certificate 
  • 1040 Tax Return (1st and last pages w/ signatures)
  • J1/J2 or F1/F2 Visas (needs to include dependent names)
  • Civil Union Certificate
  • Military Discharge Papers 
  • MD Attestation (disabled dependents over 26)
  • Guardianship-Court Order of Letter signed by a judge, awarding legal guardianship

At least one of the above documents must be provided, for each dependent, prior to their enrollment being completed. Documentation must be provided directly to Student Insurance, via fax, in person at our office (details listed below), or via secure upload.


Domestic Partnership

At least 3 of the below documents must be provided: 

  • A joint mortgage or lease
  • Designation of the domestic partner as beneficiary for life insurance
  • Designation of the domestic partner as primary beneficiary in the Named Insured’s will
  • Domestic Partnership Agreement
  • Powers of attorney for property and/or health care
  • Joint ownership of either a motor vehicle, checking account or credit account

Secured Upload Link:


Documents must be received and approved during the Enrollment Period, before dependents will be added.

** Spring 2020 Enrollment Period: January 17th 2019 - February 21st 2020**


Reminder: Any changes or additions to eligible dependents after initial enrollment, must be verified. 


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Enrollment/Change Period

Spring 2020

January 17th - February 21st 2020 

Coverage Dates 

Spring 2020

January 18th - May 15th 2020



Undergraduate Fee 

Fees Per Semester

  • Students - $544 
  • Spouse - $530
  • One Child - $530
  • Two Or More Children - $1,060
  • Spouse and Two or More Children - $1,590

Graduate Fee

Fees Per Semester

  • Student - $696 
  • Spouse - $682
  • One Child - $682
  • Two or more Children - $1,364
  • Spouse and Two or More Children - $2,046