Opting Out

In order to waive, or opt-out of UIUC's Student Health Insurance plan, students must complete a Waiver Form, located at: https://studentcenter.uhcsr.com/illinois   

Waiver requests must be received **during the Enrollment Change Period**.  Refer to the website Main Page for dates. 

Waiver forms can be submitted for any individual semester, however, if a student waives coverage in the Fall, coverage will continue to be waived for the remainder of the Academic Year.  If you wish to waive coverage for the entire time you are a student at UIUC, you will need to submit a waiver each Academic Year. 

In order for a Waiver to be approved, students must provide proof of being actively enrolled in a comparable plan. 

Comparable Requirements: 

  • Access to care within 50 miles of campus for emergency, in-patient and outpatient services.
  • Must be a US State-based plan with a US phone number/call center.
  • Coverage must be effective on or before the 1st day of the Semester and extend through the remainder of the Academic Year. 
  • Must be compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA):
    • unlimited lifetime benefit
    • no restrictions on preexisting conditions
    • provides benefits for mental health care services

Once a Waiver has been approved, allow 7-10  business day for the fee to be refunded. 

If your waiver request was denied, and you believe this decision was reached in error, you must contact UnitedHealthcare StudentResources customer service by email at waiververification@uhcsr.com.

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