As a parent to a UIUC student, we recognize the importance of providing accurate and thorough information about the many ways in which we can support your student. Health Insurance can be daunting, very confusing and scary at times.  We are here to help each and every student feel knowledgeable, comfortable and empowered with their UIUC coverage.  

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your student knows exactly what their Student Health Insurance is, how it works and the many ways in which it benefits them.  We serve as their on-campus advocates for their healthcare needs, outside of what McKinley Health Center is able to provide. 


Please note:  As the policyholder of the plan, we are obligated to only communicate directly with the student. 

Resources on this site: 

  •   Enrollment Information
  •   Forms
  •   Fees / Dates
  •   Opting-Out 
  •   FAQs

Students can access us in several ways:


  • 1109 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana (inside the main entrance, and lower level office - Rm. 29)
  • Phone:  (217) 333-0165