Adding a Dependent

Adding a dependent during open enrollment.

  • You may only add a dependent once you have opted-in each semester. 
  • You must first confirm your enrollment with UnitedHealthcare by filling out the enrollment form.  Once that has been completed you will be able to follow the instructions for dependent verifications.
  • Adding a new dependent?  Upload documents here.  **This link is only available during the enrollment periods.**

  • At least one of the documents listed below must be provided for each dependent prior to their enrollment being completed.  Documents must be in English.

    • Acceptable Documents to add dependents:
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Birth Certificate
      • 1040 Tax Return (1st and last pages w/signatures)
      • J1 or F1 Visa (needs to include dependents name)
      • Civil Union Certificate
      • Military Discharge Papers
      • MD Attestation for disabled dependents over the age of 26
      • Guardianship Court Order or Letter signed by a judge, awarding legal guardianship
    • Domestic Partnership- at least 3 of the below documents must be submitted:
      • Joint Mortgage or Lease
      • Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation
      • Primary Beneficiary (Will) Designation
      • Domestic Partnership Agreement
      • Power of Attorney of Property and/or Health Care
      • Joint Ownership of either a motor vehicle, checking account or credit card
  • Dependent Born:  you have 31 days after the birth of a child/marriage to spouse to add them to your plan as a dependent.  Outside of this deadline you may only add dependents during the enrollment/change period.


Adding a dependent outside of open enrollment.

    • Marriage or civil union
    • Birth of a child
    • Adoption of a child
  • Loss of coverage
    • You may also add a dependent due to loss of other health insurance coverage during the current term. You will have 62 days from the loss of coverage to complete the following process. If you have lost your coverage, please email
  • Health insurance coverage will date back to the day of the qualifying life event. The fee for dependent coverage cannot be pro-rated.